So my purpose for doing a blog is to help improve my ability to articulate the lessons that God has taught me.  It doesn’t really matter if anyone ever reads this, in fact it probably would be better if no one ever did.  I don’t want to write so that people will think that I am a wise godly women although that is of course how I want people to view me and when I indulge in that desire then I think the point is missed.  The point being that people would see my life and the lessons that God has taught me and think “Wow I would like to get to know the God she serves”.  I have been trying to “take every thought captive” lately as it relates to speaking and sharing during bible studies.  I was sitting there during Women’s Bible Study trying to rack my brain for something meaningful to add to the conversations and I even prayed that God would help me to share something wise and then I felt like God revealed my heart to me and I realized that I just want people to respect me and think highly of me…I am self centered to the core…the struggle for Christ-like perfection continues…don’t think I’m ever going to be much more than a jar of clay, its good to remember that that is what we are and all we are suppose to be in order to give all the glory to God and point people to him, if we had our act together all the time then people would think well of us and of course that is not the point….ok, I’m just rambling now I guess that’s it for my first blog post ever.