Glenys in Ghana

We have been receiving update emails from Glenys Bichan who is currently in Ghana with an organization that she started several years ago called RATA. She takes teachers from New Zealand who she knows and works with (some Christians and some not) to South Africa and/or Ghana and works with the teachers in those schools to teach them to teach. The Bichans are amazingly godly people and we highly respect them and their parenting style and pray that our kids will turn out as well as theirs have.

Here is a quote from an email she just sent me:

“We have been again challenged that we are just people who want to make a difference, be agents of change in a world we are called into to. These guys constantly thank us and the Lord for bringing us, and they know what we are about, training teachers- not giving them a hand out. They get it. Sometimes I think -how come- why me- why am I sitting in a crammed internet cafe, in a wet sodden city full of amazing people struggling to ekk out a life…how did that happen. I guess we are just doing what we are told, and the consequences are not ours to hold – they are Gods, and it aint over yet!!!. I do like the mangoes…”

RATA’s website