Here’s another quote from an email from Glenys who is now in Cape Town South Africa:Rata005

“We went to the Slave castle, and District Six museum, after listening and watching so much crap about how hideous we are to each other, I sat in solitude and silence and said a few prayers at St Georges, Desmond Tutu’s Cathedral home.  Your soul here can be shattered by the past and present stories this place tells you about. I sometimes wonder why I inflict myself with being so vulnerable to humanity’s pain, I could cocoon myself in little Cambridge and not bother about Sylvia a 16 year old Congonese refugee, with no status, a step father who has tried to rape her twice in a squatter hut and had no where to go but the Ark. Yet I remain inspired by God’s agents who work so hard to bring hope and light, like Joelle who is fighting for Sylvia’s cause. If we all do our bit and all try to journey with a handful, then maybe Gods design for us of care, equality, and justice can be outlived to the many, so I guess despite the heart wrenchingness of this place, I will continue to shake myself away from my hot shower, nice bed and pleasant life – I want to be part of the many.”