I like to do things well, i don’t know if its my personality type or how I was raised but doing things the best way possible is almost an obsession for me, which can be a good and bad thing. So when I read in the bible that all we have belongs to God and we are suppose to be good stewards of it I take it very seriously.

So I take being a good steward of my body and do as much research as possible about the best way to excerize and the best way to eat and feed my family, I read tons of books and blogs and then realize that I am reading and learning more about nutrition then I am reading my bible and reading books that will sharpen me spiritually. I once heard the word Idol defined as “anything that absorbs your heart and imagination more than God” I had made being a good steward of my body (which is a good thing) into an idol!

I’ve done this in other areas of my life as well. I’ve made being a good steward of God’s money and living sacrificially into an idol. You may be wondering how this is possible, well let me tell you just how my sinfulness can turn ANY good thing into an idol. Its the same pattern in my mind every time. I start by wanting to improve so I can honor and glorify God more then I seek wise council to help me grow in this area, through books and people. Then seeking wise council gets obsessive and I very subtly and gradually loose sight of the main reason I started on this journey and it becomes more about the gathering of knowledge then the end goal of worshiping and glorifying God. God has been teaching me to guard my hearts (and I would encourage you to do the same), take all of those thoughts captive and ask God if those thoughts and actions are still glorifying Him or if the motives of our hearts have become twisted.

God has also taught me that instead of being super disappointed with myself for making a good thing into an idol once again I need to just confess my sin and ask for forgiveness and then the sin is forgiven and I can move on by the grace of God and start over, I don’t need to wallow in my failures. Its so important to have a good grasp on what Grace means and we can’t fully understand God’s grace until we are painfully aware of how sinful we are. We don’t deserve God’s love, we dont’ deserve the gift of salvation, we are sinful to our core.

Over the years God has been revealing to me more and more how sinful I am. When I got married (well maybe not until after the first year or so) God showed me just how self centered I was and just when I thought I was growing in that area I had children and realized that not only was I still self centered I was also not as patient as I thought I was and then when we had another family move in with us there was a whole pile of sins God showed me and made me deal with and through all this God has been teaching me to accept challenging situations as a gift from God. And He has helped me to more fully understand that as Galatians 2:20 says “its not I but Christ that lives in me”.

So I am going to end with a few quotes from “How People Change”
“God has not called us to a life of “I have spritually arrived” or “I am just waiting for heaven”. Rather, he calls us to a life of constant work, constant growth, and constant confession and repentance. “He wants us to be a community of joy, but he is willing to compormise our temporal happiness in order to increase our Christlikeness.” “God is not working for our comfort and ease, he is working on our growth”